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NASA Rocket Scientist: Ali Guarneros Luna

Ali Guarneros Luna - NASA Aerospace Engineer (Rocket Scientist)

1) When was the first time you used a computer?  
It wasn't until I was in high school, when I immigrated to California, that I got the chance to use a computer.


2) How did you decide you wanted to be in STEM? 
I grew up in Mexico, reading about the space shuttle missions and I knew then I wanted to study aerospace engineering. I wasn't sure exactly what role I wanted, but I dreamed of being a scientist.


3) Who is your hero and why? 
This new generation of students, because this year they have and continue to encounter difficult events in their life like COVID-19, political chaos, and career uncertainty every single day. Even through these most difficult times, they continue to thrive, show up and remain committed to what they believe in.


4) What advice were you given that you live by? 
Do not let the circumstances define your life, only you define your destiny.


5) How did you land at NASA? 
After I graduated from San Jose State University with my BS in aerospace engineering, I began my career as an intern with NASA working with the Center's chief of technology. I've been there ever since. 


6) What do you do for NASA today?  
I am currently a senior NASA aerospace engineer and support the Small Satellite Technology Program at The Space Technology Mission Directorate, where I manage the Tipping Points program and other small satellites.

NASA Aerospace Engineer Ali Guarneros Luna - Lingo by STEMBoard

7) What is your favorite quote? 
"Today we can see Neal Armstrong’s footprints on the moon, and my question for you is the following: what is the impact of your footprints on the road?" - Roger Hunter


8)Who do you follow on Social Media? 
All the NASA sites


9) If you could have any superhero power-what would it be?
The ability to clone myself!  I feel like I never have enough time for all my work. I'd also love to have the time to learn more subjects.


10) What brings you joy?  
I've been a mentor for several years to students from all backgrounds. Seeing young people of color, especially this new generation of LatinX women thrive in STEM is one of my greatest joys. Knowing I've played some small part in introducing them to STEM makes it all worth it.

 NASA Rocket Scientist Ali Guarneros Luna - Lingo by STEMBoard


11) What is the one piece of technology you cannot live without? 
My laptop


12) iPhone or Android? 

13) Technology is:_____ 
The opportunity to learn something new.