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    Build engineering projects inspired by real-world applications

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    Transform your vision into reality through STEM coding for kids


    Innovate and explore new avenues

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        • Monthly access to STEM projects for kids
        • Includes electronic kit with reusable components
        • Technical support
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        • Unlimited access to all STEM projects
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        ABOUT LINGO!

        Created by a team of engineers & educators

        An ex-NASA rocket scientist developed Lingo to help students with their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education.

        Our STEM Education kits foster a love of technology by using practical, hands-on projects that enhance problem-solving abilities and confidence. That's the reason Lingo is used in Fortune 500 companies' educational initiatives as well as in colleges and universities throughout the world.

        I highly recommend doing LINGO. It's great to learn more about what you want to be in life later on or after high school. You can even grow out of your shyness. They have really nice people there and even if you're too shy you can meet online or in real life just to chat or play games.You will have a great time with LINGO!


        Riverview Gardens HS

        I would recommend students to do this project, specifically people interested in programming or building circuits and small gadgets. This would improve students' attention to detail and creativity and develop experience in learning the relationship between hardware and software.

        The project made me slightly change my career path. Before, I wanted to do Computer Science. However, after playing around with the breadboards, wires, and such, I wanted to do Computer Engineering.


        Charles Hebert Flowers HS

        I really enjoyed the LINGO Security System lesson.  I thought it was easy to follow, clear, and very helpful. I also really appreciated the instructor's advice, help, and excitement.




        Give your students a chance to learn STEM robotics and coding and potentially kickstart a tech career! Explore our hands-on Project-Based Learning (PBL) Units with easy-to-follow guides.


        LINGO lessons use practical Arduino coding applications to introduce students to the principles of hardware and software design.

        Students can learn the STEM LINGO with the aid of LINGO. Our curriculum and educational STEM kits gives students self-assurance, teaches them how to think critically, solve issues, and interact fearlessly with the outside world.

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