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Lingo Learner Spotlight: Hannah Z.


Name: Hannah Z.

Age: 15 

City: West Bloomfield, MI 


1) What do you love about computers? 

I love how computers give you access to many resources. I can use a computer to connect with friends and family who live far away, and I can also use it to research and learn new things. Computers make so many tasks, such as remote-learning, easier. 


2) What do you tell girls who think technology is boring? 

Technology is so fascinating!  Your cell phone, social media, video games, and television are all examples of technology that you likely enjoy. Even if you are hesitant, consider trying a simple coding exercise. You will be surprised by how satisfying it is to witness how the lines of code that you write affect the output. Women are underrepresented in the technology field, and you definitely should at least give it a chance. 


3) What are three ways you use technology every day? 

Technology is everywhere! I use my phone to take pictures and communicate with my friends and family. I use my computer to do all of my school work. Also, my television, laundry machine, and electric induction stovetop are all examples of technology that I frequently use.


4) What is your dream job?

I would love to be an Aerospace Engineer who works on rockets and spacecraft. 


5) Who is your favorite person you follow on Instagram? 

I enjoy following Mark Rober (@markrober) and Emily Calandrelli (@thespacegal). They post awesome STEM material!  Mark posts videos of crazy experiments and cool projects. Emily often posts informative videos about space and experiments that are easy to perform at home (with explanations about why they happen, of course). 


6) How do you keep connected with your friends at school, given the new remote learning structure? 

My friends and I use Snapchat and text messaging to communicate with each other.  We also video call each other if we want to talk, have a group conversation, or play a game (Dungeons & Dragons). Occasionally, we will meet up at a local park or comic book store (6ft apart with masks) to catch up with each other and plan potential Girl Scout events. 


7) I-phone or Android? 

I have an Android. 


8) If you could have any superhero power-what would it be? 

I would like to have super speed so that I could read extremely fast, finish my schoolwork quicker and get to places almost instantaneously! 


9) What is the one piece of technology you cannot live without? 

I would struggle without having my phone. Between contacting my friends, taking pictures, looking up quick facts, emailing my teachers, and completing school assignments, my phone has become a significant part of my life. 


10) I love computers because:  They give me access to so many useful resources! Computers help manage your schedule, keep you connected, and let you do your schoolwork virtually. You can use them to store pictures and text documents and you can program them to complete tasks. Computers make your life easier in so many ways.