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Use Cases

LINGO's International Impact: Empowering Students through Hands-on Coding Education

Bermuda: Empowering Future Innovators

In 2021, Bermuda’s Ministry of Education launched an island wide initiative to improve STEM education with LINGO coding kits. The initiative engaged high school students in hands-on coding activities. The Department of Education’s Director of Academics, Dr. Lew Simmons said, “Engaging and interactive STEM educational experiences are essential for our students to compete internationally and for Bermuda to excel in terms of academia and workforce. LINGO’s STEM lessons turned what has traditionally been a non-engaging class into one that the students look forward to attending. The workshop fostered interdisciplinary learning by merging coding, science, and technology. Students developed a holistic understanding of how different disciplines intersect and contribute to real-world problem-solving.

The Bahamas: Igniting Coding Enthusiasm

In April 2022, The Grand Bahama Port Authority launched their STEM Empowerment & Educational Development (SEED) with support from LINGO. The program provides exposure and education to students in STEM related fields and creates an environment that allows the students to broaden their horizons.  The program started with a two-day coding workshop with LINGO coding kits with about 30 students. In November 2022, a second workshop took place at The Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute (BTVI), facilitating approximately 70 junior high-level students from three high schools, including Sister Mary Patricia Junior High School, Jack Hayward Junior High School, and Eight Mile Rick High School.  For both LINGO workshops, students were engaged in interactive, hands-on experiences to learn the basics of coding.  STEMLINGO coding kits were used by the students to create a sensor, commonly used in autonomous vehicles

Ghana: Empowering Digital Innovators

In Ghana, Academic University City College used LINGO introduce students the fundamentals of hardware and software. 


Enhanced Interest in Coding: Through the workshop, LINGO ignited students' interest in coding by demonstrating its practical applications and potential career opportunities. Many students developed a newfound enthusiasm for technology and coding.

Skill Development: The hands-on nature of the workshop enabled students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. By collaborating on coding projects, students enhanced their ability to work effectively in teams and think critically to overcome challenges.

Digital Empowerment: The workshops empowered students with digital literacy and coding skills, enabling them to navigate the increasingly technology-driven world and explore future career paths in the digital field.

Socioeconomic Impact: By conducting workshops in underserved communities, LINGO played a crucial role in bridging the digital divide and providing equal access to educational opportunities. The workshops helped equip students with skills that can positively impact their socioeconomic prospects.


LINGO's international impact extends to Bermuda, the Bahamas, and Ghana, where the company has conducted successful STEM workshops and camps. By providing hands-on coding education through tailored coding kits, LINGO has empowered students in each country to explore the possibilities of coding, develop critical skills, and ignite their passion for technology. Whether it's integrating coding with marine science, inspiring students to pursue STEM fields, or empowering underserved communities with coding literacy, LINGO's international efforts have made a significant impact on students' lives, fostering a generation of digital innovators and problem solvers.

Hack<IT> Case Study (Optional)

The Bahamas: Empowering Technology Enthusiasm & Entrepreneurship

Since 2014, LINGO has operated one of the largest free technology and entrepreneurship camps in the Bahamas called Hack<IT>.  With LINGO’s coding kit as a cornerstone, the program has been transformative experience where students build a mission driven startup with young entrepreneurs passionate about solving problems in their community.  Through a carefully crafted process, students learn and apply the following:

  • Business Model Canvas framework,
  • Increase Confidence
  • Exposure to Entrepreneurship
  • Hands-on Projects with Coding and Electronics
  • Enhanced Communication and Presentation Skills
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