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STEMLingo Instructions for Chromebooks

NOTE: Requires installation of the Arduino Chrome App “Arduino Create” which is free for 30 days then it's $0.99 per month.

      1. Go to
      2. Search for Arduino Create. Click “Try now”.
      3. Click “Add app”.
      4. After “Ardiuno Create” downloads, go to the Chromebook Launcher (bottom left of screen).  
      5. Select “Arduino Create” from the list of apps. 
      7. Fill out the information to create your account and check the box indicating that you have read and agree to the privacy policy and service agreement. You don’t need to check the other boxes to receive offers or information.
      8. Now that you have your online Arduino editor up and running, download the three libraries by clicking on the three links: NewPing Library Pitches Library TimerFreeTone Library
      9. Now import the three zip files by following these steps for each of the files:
        A. From the Arduino editor, click the ‘import’ icon at the top of the page.
        B. Select the zip file from the “Downloads” folder and click “OPEN”.  
      10. Back in the Arduino Editor, use the dropdown menu at the top of the text editor window to select your board and port. Select the one called “Arduino Uno” and click OK.
      11. After typing up your first sketch into the editor, connect the Arduino circuit board to a USB port in your computer and click the “check mark” icon at the top left of the editor window to verify your code and save your sketch.
      12. Upload your sketch by clicking the right arrow icon (next to the check mark).
      13. The code should now be running on your Arduino board. Select “Monitor” from the left menu in your Arduino Editor to see the output from your circuit.
      14. To stop the circuit, simply unplug the cord from the USB port in your computer.
      15. To create a new sketch.
        A. When you’re ready to do the next sketch, select “Sketchbook” from the left menu in your online Arduino Editor, then click the “NEW SKETCH” button.
        B. Repeat steps 11 and 12 to verify and upload your new sketch.
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