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Our Story

Aisha Bowe knew early on that she wanted to be an engineer - she liked solving puzzles and building new things. What she didn’t know was how lonely her journey would be - for most of her career - including her time at NASA - she was the only woman of color in the room. Time after time, she walked into a room, excited to meet colleagues and realized that no one else looked like her, had her life experiences, or had the insights and ideas she had.

That’s why she started STEMBoard - to create learning opportunities for get more young people excited in STEM and help make sure that more little girls don’t grow up to have the same experience that she did. To do this, her first step was to put together a team of engineers and coworkers who shared her story - other minorities who faced similar challenges in their careers and are committed to making a positive change.

We started off leading hands on workshops in our local community and expanded internationally delivering technology and entrepreneurship programming. The STEMBoard education team has served over 2000 students over the past few years. We knew that wasn’t enough and wanted to bring the joy of technology, science and engineering to youth everywhere they’re learning in particular students of color with limited opportunities and access. That’s why we’re so excited to launch Lingo that will empower young people everywhere to learn and create on their own.


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