Lingo by STEMBoard


LINGO was created in the image of how the team wish they were taught when they were young. 

If Aisha Bowe had followed her guidance counselor’s advice, she would be a cosmetologist...Instead, she went from an insecure and unfocused community college student to a double graduate in aerospace engineering and space systems engineering from the University of Michigan. The lessons from that journey are embedded in LINGO

That’s why she founded STEMBoard: to create engaging learning opportunities to excite more young people about STEM and to make sure that more little girls don’t grow up to have the same experience that she did. To do this, her first step was to put together a team of engineers and technologists who shared her story. She built an inclusive team comprised of others who faced similar challenges in their careers and are committed to making a difference. The lessons from their journeys are embedded in LINGO

Since 2013, STEMBoard has led hands-on workshops delivering technology and entrepreneurship programming globally. During 2020 we could no longer do in person workshops so we brought the experience we cultivated in the classroom to the LINGO kit.  The lessons from teaching hours in the classroom are embedded in LINGO

Although we have been doing STEM education in the classroom for nearly a decade, LINGO is a whole new adventure that has shown to have an unimaginable impact.

Thank You for coming along the ride with us!