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Yahoo! Finance: STEMBoard Launches LINGO, the First, Home-learning, STEM-based Coding Kit With Expert Video Guidance and Community Support for Teens Ages 13+

WASHINGTON, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- STEMBoard's new LINGO, home-learning, STEM-based coding kit is now available to all worldwide.

The LINGO Coding Experience
The LINGO Coding Experience

LINGO enables teens, ages 13 and older, to have fun learning the fundamentals of hardware and software design by building a back-up sensor used in autonomous vehicles with the code needed to make it function.

LINGO is the only teen coding kit that comes with step-by-step videos and community support. An expert provides easy to follow video instructions to build a functioning sensor that can be personalized with custom code. The kit also includes follow-on materials that complement the highly detailed instructional booklet and inspires continued exploration. LINGO community members also have access to STEM lessons via the LINGO learning portal.

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"In classrooms worldwide, we have been successful in cultivating a transformative experience for teens who didn't know they 'could'. We created the LINGO coding kit because we wanted to bring the same positive and enlightening experience to the home. Given the COVID-19 distancing recommendations, we hope that teens and parents will also find LINGO productive for home use as well as enable virtual camp participation," said Aisha Bowe, STEMBoard's founder, CEO and former NASA aerospace engineer.

Other benefits include:

  • Acquiring basic coding skills in a clear, fun, and engaging way

  • Learning at your own pace

  • Bridging the gap between simple electronics and real-world application

"LINGO is VERY easy to use, even for those who think they are tech challenged. LINGO enables teens to see how coding can be applied to industries like healthcare, fashion and sports. We hope that LINGO inspires more young people to create, invent and innovate in whatever interests them," said Dr. Jarvis Sulcer, former nuclear engineer and STEMBoard's VP of Education and Outreach.


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